Canon Autoboy or Sureshot

This camera looked in very good condition and even had a remote control device right there on the side. A junk bin bargain, if it worked.

My first impressions of this camera from 1989 were not great. It felt heavy and plasticky, not a combination you usually get. I also do not like the greetings available. I never use the date imprint feature on a camera, why burn a message in a negative. A pen will suffice if I need one.

Anyway, I popped in a film and got to using it. Holy moly, this is the noisiest camera I have ever use. It makes a huge noise with every action, from zooming to film advancing, it reverberated all around. I would not recommend this camera if you want to be stealthy. This reviewer also mentioned the noise. To be honest, I would not recommend this camera at all. It is large, noisy, and IMHO ugly.

I did try out the remote control and it worked well, that at least is very handy. The two buttons on the front also work as a focus lock if pressed together. Did mine work?

The lens looked clean, and I know I also cleaned it beforehand, but all the photos are hazy. I am not disappointed or feel inclined to try another film.

I really do not like this camera and it is going straight in the bin.

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