Pentax Espio 145M Super

I am on holiday right now so have more free time. I got lots of films developed all at once, but now am struggling to figure out which camera goes with which film, oops. I am sure I have got it right, but I should have been a little more patient or taken a photo with the name of the camera. I started to do that, then got lazy. I really do need to slow down a little with this camera testing obsession.

Well anyway, for this camera I decided to use a whole film in one shop…just to see if I could. I would have to pick a good shop and one where they do not mind photos being taken. Hello Pokemon Mega Store!

Here is the camera.

and here are the photos…more details after this photo intermission.

Yeah, Pokemon!

Ok, so I better write about the camera. For me, this is a quite recent camera being from 2002. You can read all about the specifications on this website. It looks stunning with the brushed aluminium and it really quiet. One of the quietest cameras I have used recently. That made it perfect for taking photos inside a shop. It has a massive zoom 38-145 as the name suggests, though I did not try it out inside the shop. There is another version with a wooden style trim. If you are looking to get into film photography then this is a great starting camera.

Keep or sell: I have put it on eBay, but if it doesn’t sell I am tempted to keep it.