Konica Electron

I love this camera! How could someone think this is junk.

And then I tried to put in a battery. It seemed to need the same as the Yashica Electro which the camera is very similar too. But my adapter didn’t quite seem to fit, a little short. So I tried a CR123 with 2 LR44s taped to it, still no. Then I tried putting some tin foil at the bottom of the battery compartment to make a connection and increase the height…voila, lit up like a Christmas tree.


According to this website this camera is from 1969. It works pretty much like the electro too, with an over and under light in the viewfinder. You then move the aperture dial based on this reading. Also in the viewfinder is a rectangle that moves quite noticeably when you focus for parallax correction. Due to the age of this camera, I was surprised by how clean it was. Once the battery was in it made all the right movements and noises.

It felt good to hold and was so easy to use. The second image was easy to see too, so focusing was a breeze. I had high hopes, so in went a film and off I trotted to Tokyo.

Yatta, the lens was sharp and the exposure was pretty good too.

Keep or sell: I am so tempted to keep it, but I have a Konica Auto with a 1.6 lens that works very well. I think I will put it on eBay and wait and see what happens.

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