Ricoh Mate

This is a fully manual camera from 1960. I could not find much on the net about it, though of course, Butkus has a manual.

This junk find seems to have taken a bit of a ding to the f2.8 45mm lens barrel. There isn’t much to this camera. As I said it is totally manual, with a self-timer on the side. The V and X is where you will find this setting V = self-timer, X= normal shooting. The R on the back is for rewind mode. Focusing is performed by looking at the small diamond in the center of the viewfinder. And that is it. The camera is sturdy and solid…it can withstand a ding at some point in its life.

Here is my test roll.

The first few shots were over exposed, my fault not the camera. I think it worked very well.

Keep or Sell: Though it seems to be quite rare, it is not the camera for me. I have no attachment to it at all so will put it on eBay and hope for the best.