Two Cameras – One film (LOMO Mju)

I must have been in a weird mood the day I took these photos and tested these cameras. I was so sure that one of them wouldn’t work that I decided not to waste a full film on both of them. After taking a few shots on one I rewound the film and used it in the second camera. I rewound the film too far and had to use a film puller/retriever/picker.

The first time I tried to use a film puller I just couldn’t get it to work. Then after watching a video like this one I have not had an issue since. Thank you camera people on youtube and Jack 🙂

Anyway I tested two cameras this day, two! I wonder how many cameras you can test with one film?

The first camera tested was the LOMO LCA that I sent away to be fixed. I bought this camera on eBay and it didn’t work. As you can see by these photos there should be two red lights in the viewfinder, this originally had none.

I contacted the seller and he offered to send me another free of charge, which was very generous. I tested the replacement and wrote this piece. A few weeks and a bit of money later the once broken camera came back from Hobby Nexus. They did a great job and I highly recommend them. Here are the few shots from half the film.

I decided to sell this camera as I didn’t need two. I didn’t really make any money on it due to the repairs, film, processing, postage etc. I didn’t mind as the seller sent me two and I would have felt obliged to repay him some money. I decided to keep the replacement and not this one due to this one having Russian din numbers in the iso selector. The replacement was just easier to use. I am not giving any details about the camera as I have written about this model before.

Then I retrieved the film end and placed it in this camera. An Olympus Mju Zoom 105 deluxe. I wrote about a similar camera here. It is from 1995 and I got it for $3.

As I have already tried this style of camera, I don’t think there is a need to repeat the details. You can read more about it here. As with the other one I own, this one worked well and was easy to use. I mainly bought it because it was in good condition and very cheap. I thought I might eventually make enough money back for a film or two. Here is the rest of the film test.

I feel the latter camera is a perfect throw in your bag camera, the former is – do not throw, it is delicate and might break camera.

Buy or sell – former already sold, latter on my shelf waiting to be posted on eBay.