Photo Post: Blackpool with Orwo NP27

I have been buying random bulk rolls lately. I got a 17m roll of Orwo NP27 which was originally rated at 400asa, but it expired in 1992 according to the tin. I rolled all of it into spare cartridges and the final piece was short, perfect for a development test. As it was just 15 exposures or shorter, I decided to load it into my Pen FT as that needed to be given a run anyway.

I took the set-up on a trip to see friends in Blackpool. Then I developed it in 1:50 Rodinal for 75mins with agitations at 30mins. The temperature was 21 degrees. I shot it at 100asa due to its age, but I think 50asa would be better. I am writing this for my memory and for some friends as I have given a few rolls away.

Here are my results.

It is quite contrasty and grainy, not helped by the half-frame format. But it is definitely useable, so a bargain for the price I paid for it.

I took a few cameras to Blackpool this day so expect more shots in the new year. For now though, here are some digital ones I took on a little Sony RX100 that I was given.

It was the first time I had seen such large murmurations, it was worth the trip just for that…but it was a lovely day all around. The weather has been dull, rainy and grey for a while. As you can see, this day was beautiful and crisp, perfect for the lights and birds.

Everything seems better with a blue sky.


5 thoughts on “Photo Post: Blackpool with Orwo NP27

  1. Kurt Ingham says:

    Nice film and digital-plus I learned a new word. The shot at the end of the pier is awesome. That Sony was my last every day carry camera. Really a capable little unit. Sadly replaced by the phone, which unfortunately does a superb job

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