Fixing a Donated Sony Cybershot RX100

A friend gave me a dodgy digital camera…DIGITAL, this post is about a digital camera. Well, I have done one before – check here. Anyway, she said the buttons didn’t work properly and the zoom was faulty. On inspection, I also found the SD card was stuck.

I didn’t really need another point and shoot digital, but I took it anyway as it would just be sat doing nothing. It would give me something to tear apart on a rainy day and I love a challenge.

The first approach was a little research, was there anything online about cleaning the sensor. I figured by doing the latter, I might clean any debris affecting the buttons. It also might clean any debris affecting the zoom.

I followed this video to clean the sensor and buttons.

Here is the inside of my example.

The sensor was much bigger than I expected, much bigger than any previous digital camera I have opened. After airbrushing the sensor, I put everything back together. The buttons seemed to work fine now, but the motor noise was still there. Before I tried taking the camera apart further to access the motor mechanism, I thought I would try one more “easy” thing…update the firmware. Many cameras and lenses have firmware updates released by the manufacturers. These updates are often in response to customer issues, but are never installed by the user. Most people just use the camera as is and don’t know about updates. This camera was an example of that, it had an old version of the firmware installed. So I downloaded the latest version from the Sony website and followed the instructions.

Voila, installed and the motor noise was gone. Finally, I needed to address the stuck SD card. Using tweezers, I managed to yank out the one that was in it but replacements would not go in. Again, I went for the easiest solution. I blew compressed air into the slot….and out popped a small piece of metal. Memory cards would now go in and out without issue.

With all issues addressed, it was time to actually use the camera.

The camera seemed a little more complicated than my usual point and shoot digitals so I did even more research and found this handy video.

I set my example to match his and the camera worked perfectly, yatta!!!!

Here are a few samples shots:

It is a super camera, especially for free 🙂 I am going to keep it in my car or bag. I only wish it had a tilting screen, then it would be perfect.

The main thing this experience has taught me is always update your firmware, but cautiously. Follow the instructions carefully or you could brick your lovely camera.

As for this camera, here are a couple of great reviews. It seems to be a cracking little camera.

9 thoughts on “Fixing a Donated Sony Cybershot RX100

      1. Toby says:

        Well done, a cracking camera. Wish I had friends like yours. It will be perfect when out on your bike too wanting to travel light.
        You’re a bit prolific at the moment. Have really enjoyed your recent post

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      2. Peggy says:

        That’s because it is the summer holidays. I have three posts in my draft and I am off to Scotland on Monday. Making up for lockdown times 😀


  1. Jim Grey says:

    My wife has one of these, bought new. It’s outstanding. Yours looks like it went through World War III but if it functions, then who cares what it looks like?

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    1. Peggy says:

      I have a feeling it was a bit from a previous sd card, the lock switch. At the time I went…oh I know what that is…and then forgot when writing the post. So it was something recognisable at least.

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