Olympus Trip AF S-2

Let me start by saying, this is a perfectly good camera. The example photos I have seen from this camera are perfectly fine. It looked like a great point-and-shoot.

It had a cover for the lens, it was clean, and it took a common type of battery. Unfortunately, there was no switch to turn the flash off, it was fully automatic. Perfectly fine.

It was released around 1992 and there seems to be very little about it on the net so far as I can find. This page had minimal details stating…

  • Plastic-bodied camera with a fixed 34mm lens
  • Infrared autofocus.
  • Built-in auto flash with manual ‘Fill-In’ switch
  • Motor wind and rewind (rewind by the flick of a switch on the bottom)
  • DX coding (100 and 400 ASA)
  • Takes 2x AA batteries

I also found this thread that said the camera was very much like the Nikon AF200, if that is true then this camera probably has a fixed speed of 1/130th and apertures of f4.5 or f9 with autofocusing.

None of that information can be guaranteed without other sources or a manual and I am not willing to invest in one.

I do keep a notebook when using a camera and all I wrote for this one was, “This camera gives me the ick.” It really does, I don’t know why, but I really don’t like it. As a consequence, it took me ages to get through the one film I loaded into it, so long that I nearly took it out and put it in another camera. The film I loaded was an Agfa 200, one of the last ones I have, hence my wanting to change cameras.

I stuck with it though and eventually managed to finish it before sending it to photohippo. Here are my results…

Taken while I was volunteering for the rugby world cup this year and finished on a walk. Mediocre photos from a perfectly fine camera which I have already sold.


4 thoughts on “Olympus Trip AF S-2

  1. Darrell Meekcom says:

    Peggy ur missing the point, of course its “mediocre” and “perfectly fine”, it was the cheaper end of the Olympus line built for holidays and the odd party, if you were a bit more upmarket then you’d have purchased the mju, or a Nikon L35AF so I think ur being a bit hard on it and after all the photos you’ve produced with it are pretty bloody decent. I love playing with these old point and shoots, they’re fun…and still made today like the AGFA and Ilford point and shoots.

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    1. Peggy says:

      You are right and I usually love playing with them too, but this one made me odd which is strange in itself. Honestly, like it had a ghost or something…which is bizarre, I know. But each time I pick it up I felt ‘odd’.


      1. Darrell Meekcom says:

        Peggy…I’ve had that too!! I know what you mean now, I’ve occasionally purchased an old camera that immediately made me feel ‘odd’ whilst handling it….daft as it may sound I’d swear the long dead owner didn’t want me using their equipment! I just tell them it’s mine now but I’ll look after it. Silly aren’t we lol 🙂🙂

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