Polaroid 1000SE

My next-door neighbour gave me this camera from 1977ish. I said I didn’t really want it as I didn’t like the film but he insisted and said it was of no use to him, so I took it. I thought, “At least I would be able to find it a good home.”

The first thing though, testing it. That meant investing in some SX-70 film. I decided to go with a monochrome pack as I haven’t had great success with the colour stuff.

Once loaded, I took the camera to Sheffield and took 8 quick shots of architecture. I found this latest pack a little more stable to use, it needed to be in the dark for a shorter amount of time. Plus it didn’t scratch on exit.

Here are the 8 shots I took.

I really like them. This is actually the best polaroid camera I have tried. There seems to be one tiny soft spot which can be seen in the first photo, other than that they are great and have a lovely tone to them.

I have already found a new home for this example. Even though it performed well, I still prefer the Instax film as it is more stable.

Well, that was the quickest post ever.


10 thoughts on “Polaroid 1000SE

  1. brineb58 says:

    I am a big fan of Instax and Polaroid. I do feel the B&W Polaroid films are better than the color films, I’ve had better results with the B&W … funny thing is I had the oppostite results with Instax!!!

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  2. Toby says:

    I hear what you’re saying about Instax film stability but you don’t get that soooooper cool 70s retro styling. That things a cultural icon!

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