Photo Post: Using Instax film in a Yashica 44

I recently received a covid booster shot and a flu jab, and they left me feeling quite poorly. I took a day off work to recover, you can’t really deal with 30 young children in a class when you have a headache. Once my head stopped pounding, I decided to catch up on some reading. I found an article on the 127 blogspot that I saved to read later.

How to Use Instax Mini film in a 127-Format Twin-Lens Reflex Camera – by Umechan

Well, I do have some slightly fogged Instax film, a dark bag and a Yashica 44 which is a 127 camera. I could try that, so I did…on a different day, I could not have managed that with a headache either.

I don’t really want to step on the toes of the original article so I suggest going back to that one via the link above. I followed the instructions on there to a tea.

I had two prints left in the LiPlay so put it and the Yashica in a dark bag and removed the cartridge. Then I slid out one of the unexposed prints and placed it in the Yashica. As it was a little dull in the evening when I tried it, the 800asa film was a perfect speed. I shot it at f8 and 1/125th. Then I removed it and repeated the process with the next one. Finally, I placed both prints back in the cartridge and reloaded them into the LiPlay along with the initial black card which would be ejected on reloading…it didn’t work. The LiPlay said the cartridge was empty. Not to worry, I have an Instax back for the Diana F+. I put the cartridge in that and ejected both prints while in the dark bag. You have to be very careful taking things in and out of the dark bag, you often have to leave things exposed and take care while putting your hands in and out.

So what were the results? 50% success rate.

The second print is fogged. It was either already fogged or I did it while transferring it between the different locations. I might have put it in the Yashica backwards. BUT, if you are careful, using Instax in a 127 TLR is possible. I found it all a bit tedious in the end so won’t be trying it again. I much prefer the ease of the LiPlay even if the results are not as sharp.

Well, that was fun to try 🙂

7 thoughts on “Photo Post: Using Instax film in a Yashica 44

  1. brineb58 says:

    I love reading about when people do this, but I have little desire to do it myself … too much work!!! I do have a NONS SL44 that is an SLY with the ability to change lenses (I have a Pentax screw mount adapter) so I am happy with that for Instax, other than the Fuji and lomo cameras I have!!!

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      1. Roger B. says:

        Yes indeedy. Start by buying a 100 y/o wooden camera, with a suitable brass Petzval formula lens and massive tripod. Then acquire chemistry and coat your own plates. Tote the entire 35kg rig out into the woods and make maybe two exposures in one hour. Risk various cancers developing the plates. What’s not to like …

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      2. Roger B. says:

        Brilliant! I missed that post when first published. Your film holder solution is a fine way to avoid coating glass plates. The images you captured explain why people pay upwards of US$500 for old brass Petzval lenses. Thank you.


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