Instax mini LiPlay

I recently visited the Photography Show at the NEC, and among the many exhibitors was Instax. I have tried a few Instax cameras in the past and currently own an Instax Wide version. That camera is massive and though I love it, I often avoid taking it anywhere due to its size.

Well, say hello to the Instax mini LiPlay! Oh, how the Instax camera has changed over the years. Just look at the size difference.

So how did it come to be in my possession? Well, the Instax stand had a few to play with and I was impressed, but it was out of my price range. While chatting with my friends on the way back to the car I said, “It’s great, I would love one but I would only buy one second-hand for £85 or less.” I didn’t think I would ever find one at that price. The very next day I checked the Facebook Marketplace listings and there it was and less than 20 minutes from my house…for the price I suggested and with a pack of 20 photos. Whoa!! So I decided to treat myself to celebrate my new job and pay packet.

I love it, it is by far the best instant camera I have owned. Look at this, it can add a QR code to the image to record sound.

As you can see, it saves a digital version without the QR code spoiling the view.

Another feature I love is the fact you can choose what you print. I know that isn’t exactly the spirit of instant cameras, but the film is expensive so it is nice to choose what you make permanent. AND that isn’t all…you can transfer the photos between the camera and your phone via Bluetooth. That turns the LiPlay into a mini printer. Here is my first transfer from my phone to the LiPlay.

As it is digital you can change the look of the photos before you print them. That means I don’t have to buy separate monochrome packs or stick to one style until the pack is finished.

Though to get the cool surrounds you would have to buy different packs. I loved this camera so much that I transferred a pack out of my Diana F+ Instax back to this one. I lost the top shot as it was fogged in the transfer, but it was worth it.

This was a limited-release pack for Chinese New Year, I wish I could get more.

The actual LiPlay camera is only 5mp, but that is fine as the camera is not really the main feature. What I mean is, it is fine for printing Instax pictures but of course, you cannot compare it to your phone or a regular digital camera. However, it is an improvement on the other Instax version I have tried as it can get much closer to the subject than before. Here are a few photos I transferred to my phone, you can only transfer the ones you have printed which I think is fine. It transfers them without the choice of film surrounds and just has a plain white version.

There are a few more features, but these are the ones I like…and the size. If you want an instant camera, I would highly recommend this one. Oh, and the best feature, you can print more than one copy. So, whereas in the past I have struggled to keep hold of the prints, now I can give one away and keep one for myself.


5 thoughts on “Instax mini LiPlay

  1. Kurt Ingham says:

    I have the Instax Mini Evo with similar capabilities. After the phone it is the camera I use most. I was stumped when the camera froze-= clearing the xd card did the trick not mentioned in the version of the manual I had

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  2. Roger B. says:

    That’s a lot of power in a tiny camera. Sound with stills is a great concept. My big-bucks DSLR cannot do that [sigh]. Congratulations on landing a new and apparently higher-paying job!

    Liked by 1 person

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