Recently and Now – The Happenings and Happenstances

Despite publishing a few posts recently I haven’t had much chance to take any photos or try cameras. At the moment I have about 9 cameras with film in them and 2 competitions to prepare for which need different cameras to those that are loaded. I also have 2 more projects on the go for which I need to prepare. At the same time, I have started a new full-time teaching job. This has left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Then something happened which was expected, but unexpected at the same time. The Queen died. This affected me rather more than I thought it would, maybe because I had to explain it to very young children. I was fine at school, talking about the Queen and explaining what would happen next, but when I got home I felt very emotional. It brought back memories of my mother dying, which was weird, but something I also heard from friends. The students were upset too as they had just learnt the national anthem for the jubilee and they were not really at the development age to fully understand death. So, during the mourning period, I just didn’t feel like adding to this blog or my Instagram feed. One post was pre-written and scheduled then published on time, but mainly I stayed away from my cameras other than to clean or fix some.

I did manage some activities during this time, one was visiting The Photography Show in Birmingham with some friends. This was my first visit to the event as I have previously been abroad when it has been held, or it has been cancelled due to covid. The Monday was cancelled this year due to the Queen’s funeral. I travelled down on the Saturday with a friend and met another there. It was a wonderful escape from the recent events. I loved every second of it. There were enough analogue stands and talks to keep me occupied for the full day. I definitely could have visited on another day too and still had plenty to see or do. I watched a couple of talks, bought a junk camera, filters and bag from The Disabled Photographers’ Society, a collapsing seat from Arkay, books from Rigu, and film from Ilford. Nearly all the items I bought will be the subject of a blog post so you will have to wait on those.

I also had the chance to try cyanotype for the first time courtesy of Little Vintage Photography. Mine is the bookmark with a fern.

My friends and I were also interviewed as part of the Sunny 16 podcast. You can listen to that episode here. Surprisingly, my voice immediately returned to my posher accent that I cultivated while working abroad as opposed to my normal Yorkshire one.

The last thing that has kept me occupied recently was a camera fair in Boston Spa. I have sold at this one before and this time it was even busier. I managed to sell 3 cameras, 2 books and some spare parts…parts from the Zorki 1 and Nikon FTn which will now be used to repair other cameras.

I also swapped a couple of items with other sellers and bought items with the money I gained. Here is what came home with me.

So, not many posts written but lots of photography activities completed. It will take me some time to get back on track as I have nothing in my draft folder…but as I said, I have 9+ cameras with film in them.

Oh and a bonus item if you have reached this far. I decided to gamble on an item. Have you seen any advertisements on Facebook or TikTok about getting a lucky camera item for a small price? I saw one…you could get a Sony camera or even a Hasselblad for $40. Well, I tried it so you don’t have to. I decide not to buy any lottery tickets for a while and spent the money on this. I knew full well it would be a scam, but I was curious. So I paid my money and waited. I often make gambles on junk cameras, this time I made a gamble on a lucky box. When it arrived, surprisingly quickly, I could tell by the weight and size it definitely wasn’t an expensive camera. I was hoping it might be a cheap piece of crap camera, but no it wasn’t even that.

I know it is an extension tube, but what for?? Any ideas?

…and don’t fall for those adverts, they are exactly what you expect them to be, scams.

13 thoughts on “Recently and Now – The Happenings and Happenstances

  1. c. rúnda says:

    Hello Peggy! My information suggests it’s an adaptor for mounting a camera to a telescope. The threading should be M42. Brand new they are priced around fifteen Euros. …Cailín

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Clare Williams says:

        Somehow missed this blog post. It makes me happy that you had such a good time at the Photography Show ☺ it was ace and I wish we could go every week (though my wallet doesn’t!)

        Liked by 1 person

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