Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 70W AF

I bought this camera because I was so disappointed the 100W didn’t work. Well, I should have waited as I managed to resurrect that one. Nevermind, I got this one very cheaply from a charity shop.

It worked straight away apart from one issue, the flash. The flash did work but it didn’t stay up, it slouched. That meant it didn’t fire when needed unless you put a finger under it to make it fully erect. For the most part this was fine, but if you notice the macro button position, it is on the same side as the flash. That means for this example you have the press the button and hold up the flash, I have a tiny hand. The flash should always fire when the macro mode is selected.

The camera was released around 2000, you can find technical details here. I have been looking for other reviews online and haven’t really found any for this particular version. There are a few cameras which are very similar and my searches brought up those. None of those had the macro button on the front. A lot of hits were for cameras for sale, but no reviews. Let me know if you find any.

So how was my example? I loaded it with an expired roll of Kodak 200 I received for last year for Christmas.

I carried mine around for a couple of weeks and took it to various places. Apart from the flash issue on my example, it performed well. The flash can be turned off, but resets when the power is turned off. The camera is turned on/off by opening the front cover. I like covers like these, they really protect the lens much better that small flaps that open.

The viewfinder is small in comparison to some others of the same era. It is responsive and the noise is acceptable. I found the macro setting a little superfluous as it didn’t get quite ‘macro’ enough.

Here are my results.

I don’t think this is the best camera I have ever owned and I prefer the 100W. If you are going to have a zoom, you might as well have a long zoom. That is especially true if you don’t gain a lower aperture with the shorter zoom.

I think this will go into my sell or give away pile.

6 thoughts on “Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 70W AF

  1. adventurepdx says:

    I’ve got one “short zoom” p&s right now, the Pentax IQZoom (Espio) 928. The long end of the zoom is just 90mm, but it makes up in the wide 28mm short end, plus a maximum f/3.5 aperture.


  2. Toby says:

    Nice shots, but no a great camera me thinks. Have had this and a few later Nikon compacts……I’d stick to the Pentax Espios……with the the exception of the Nikon AF600, which I still own and love…….think we need to meet up again so you can review it. šŸ˜

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