Argus HFM II

This camera was sent to me, randomly, from America. I say randomly as I have written many times about not really liking half-frame cameras…but they are growing on me, especially as the guy has now sent me two 😉

This one arrived in great condition, with the box, bag, but no instructions. That didn’t matter though, as you can see it is a basic point and shoot.

The only information I could find out about this camera was by looking at it. I didn’t find anything on the net. As you can see it has a 38mm lens with a minimum aperture of f3.8. It has DX coding, motorized winding and rewinding, plus an automatic flash.

The main feature of the camera is a switch to change the camera from a full-frame to a half-frame camera. This has to be set before loading the film as the switch is on the inside.

As you can see the half-frame “frame” lays flat when not in use.

I decided to try it on the half-frame setting first and put in half a roll of Agfa APX 400 on a very rainy day in Manchester.

The images are a little soft, but not overly so. I would say it even coped well with the conditions. Not fantastic though. Maybe the full-frame mode would see better, so I popped in another half roll. This time Kentmere 400. I stuck to 400 due to the weather conditions and basic-ness of the camera.

This time I walked around my local nature reserve. The film is underdeveloped so it doesn’t show off the camera in its best light. But I figured, this blog is mainly a catalogue for me and they still remind me of using this camera and the relative results.

I wrote about the issues I had with developing in my last post. This half film was another that was affected. As for the photos, they are not terrible, but not great, just meh. I definitely have better 35mm point and shoot cameras. As for half-frame photos, I prefer a few of the others I have, Konica Autoreflex or Olympus Pen FT, and the Agat I tried recently.

Oh, one thing I liked…after rewinding the film, a short tab is left out…handy.

As for the camera, I don’t think I will be using it again for a while.

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  1. Toby says:

    Camera wise the 1980s probably into the 90s really was the time that style forgot.
    Plastic fantastic, and sticky rubber coatings

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