Ukrainian sellers on eBay right now.

This isn’t something I usually do, I don’t use this platform to give my opinion on anything serious. I just post about cameras, occasionally I will say I don’t like disposable cameras, but that is about it.

This week the events in Ukraine changed that. I am horrified by what is happening there and decided to do something, even a small thing. So I searched for some sellers on eBay based in Ukraine. It is not the perfect platform for this type of thing, but it was familiar to me and I have bought cameras from Ukraine in the past.

I wrote a simple message asking if they were ok right now and to let them know the world is thinking of them. The way eBay works means many of the sellers still have items for sale even though it is clear they cannot be posted or might not even exist. I offered to buy a couple of cameras and said it was ok if they are not posted until peace makes it possible, but I just wanted to do something.

The two people I wrote to responded. One said, “Hi, Thanks for your willingness to help. I’m fine, but the post office is not working now. There are tanks around my city, and my capital is being bombed. If you want to help, you can buy the camera. And I’ll send the camera when peace comes.”

The other person’s response was much more heartrending, “Russia attacked Ukraine, the third world war began, at the moment we understand that no one will help us, we alone in this war, the allies only promise and do nothing. They are bombing the civilian population, there are also victims among children. I hide from explosions with my young children my daughter is 4 years old and my son is 12. If you can influence your democratic government, I beg you. Russia is dropping vacuum bombs on our cities, they have destroyed the city of Okhtyrka in the Poltava region, they are mobbing in villages and cities.”

I wrote back saying the world has taken notice, there are many demonstrations even in Russia, many people are gathering supplies for refugees, there are even people willing to travel to Ukraine to help fight.

He responded, “Stay healthy and safe. I appeal to you for help, children and women in Ukraine need the help of the Red Cross to create a safe karedor (corridor) to get out of the shelling and cities where bombs are falling, children died, just yesterday 16 children died from one blow. Please, if you have friends, acquaintances, at least someone who can contact the red cross and organize a green corridor for children and women. I will be truly grateful to you.”

I replied that I am just an ordinary person with very little influence, but I would do what I could. I wrote to my MP, for what good that will do, and now I am writing this post.

His final response was, “Thank you for answering me I am sincerely grateful that you think of me and my country sincerely, may God bless you. Talking about Ukraine with your friends and acquaintances is important.”

In the end, I bought 3 cameras from three different sellers. All three sent messages of thanks and that they would send the camera if and when they could. I don’t particularly mind if they don’t arrive but I hope they do. That would mean the people I have communicated with are safe and there is enough stability for the postal service to be functioning.

17 thoughts on “Ukrainian sellers on eBay right now.

  1. Toby says:

    How lovely of you, I can only applaud your actions.

    хай живе Україна
    (Long live Ukraine according to Google translate).

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  2. Johnny Martyr says:

    Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, opinions and feelings – today you have shown that they are our most valuable assets. I’ve been wondering how the Soviet camera fans have been digesting what is going on. Thank you for doing a small but critical thing. These words are alarming and powerful.

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  3. Roger B. says:

    Thank you, Peggy. I purchased a Kiev two days ago from a Ukranian seller, in the hopes that at minimum they can access the funds. Whether the camera arrives stateside is moot. The dark forces in the so-called free western nations have made an evil pact with Russia’s Orthodox crusader and, as ever, the private citizens suffer.

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    1. Peggy says:

      Thanks for telling me. It does seem to be one way we can help those in need directly. But like you said, whether they can access the funds is another matter.


  4. Marc says:

    Bought couple cameras from Ukrainian eBay sellers before the actual invasion. One bought 13Feb made it out & just opened. The others got to the post office & stopped on 20Feb. One was a Zorki & one the fun Agat 18K. While I’m sad I’ll likely never get- lost, damaged, am sadder & more frustrated by the situation. While I understand why countries do not send their troops to help, hope Ukraine is immediately joined to NATO (pausing normal rules) & NATO countries then do much more to help. All those people leaving Ukraine may not come back, making them weaker. This is a mess.

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    1. Peggy says:

      Sounds like you made the same choices I did, an agat and a zorki 1. I honestly can’t remember the third so if it does arrive it will be a nice surprise. Yes, it is a mess and it is also turning Russia into a closed state which will not be good for the average Russian, who probably has nothing to do with any of it.


      1. Marc says:

        Update- received the Zorki & after days of nothing a Agat 18K is reported in NY (USA). Customs takes a while but should get in 5-10 days (west coast). These were bought pre invasion but then looked frozen in country. Am hugely impressed by the movement of mail by the people of their postal system. Am loading the Zorki today to honor the courageous Ukrainians& good people in Russia.

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  5. Roger B. says:

    Contacted three Ukranian eBay sellers during the past two days. All said they were shipping via Poland. Whether that means physically carrying items to Poland to mail, or that the Ukranian postal service is routing exports via Poland, I do not know. Two of the three said they can access funds thru the eBay system.

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    1. Peggy says:

      Two of the three I have bought from said the same thing. The third is in kiyv so they are stuck. Not sure I will ever see that one, but hey ho.


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