Photo Post: Yashica FX-D

This post has been in my draft folder for a while so I thought I would post it before it gets lost in the mix. You can tell it is an old post as there is no snow and some of the photos were taken in Manchester…which I am not allowed to visit at the moment.

Recently I have been tempted to buy a Contax 139 quartz, but then I found out that the FX-D is the sister of that camera. So instead of ‘wasting’ money on another camera šŸ˜‰ I took out this camera again and attached a Contax lens.

Then I took it for a few walks and voila, another photo post.

What a super camera, I love it. Who needs a 139?

Famous last words šŸ™‚

I loved using this camera again and have added it to my current top ten.

3 thoughts on “Photo Post: Yashica FX-D

  1. lushdo says:

    These are lovely. I especially like the letterbox and the weird Alan Turing insect creature. What film did you use? Beautiful tones!

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