Canon Sure Shot A1 (Prima AS-1, Autoboy D5)

I cannot believe I finally have a copy of this camera. I have coveted one for ages. As you know, I love a good heavy duty camera and this always seems like one of the best ones out there. Plus it came with the original box, bag, instructions, and strap. Overall, it looked like it had never done a heavy duty day of work in its life. And, at a price where I could try it and sell it for more if I so felt like it. I don’t feel like it right now šŸ™‚

As I do have the instructions šŸ™‚ here are all the accurate specifications you might need.

It looks and feels great to hold, very comfortable. For beach or water play I think a wrist strap would be better than the neck one provided. The camera should float, though I am really reluctant to try it. This reviewer did test it underwater and it performed well. Maybe one day, but for now my example just looks so clean and tidy.

I tried a few of the settings on the front including the fish, close up. Out of water it doesn’t really work as it is adjusted for water diffraction. For close-ups on land it is better to use the auto function for close-ups. I love the fact you can turn the flash off or force on. I dislike point and shoots that don’t have that function and are fully automatic.

For my film test, I took the camera to the Flashes in Wigan. It was a dull day, but not raining. I really want to try the camera in a beach environment, a warm country…on a holiday…relaxing with a margarita…you get the idea. But no, here are the Wigan Flashes…oh and Folly Dolly Falls.

It really was dull and cloudy on all the days I used the camera. The camera did well, but for some reason I really prefer the slightly crappy Konica I tried recently. It just seems sharper, but of course I would never put that one underwater.

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      1. Sam says:

        Haha sometimes I collect cameras cause I got them cheap. This one was maybe $3 bucks. Eventually, I’ll get to it! Hey Peggy, thanks šŸ™‚

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