Camera Go Camera 25 Book

I made a new book!!! I put the link here, in case you can’t be bothered to read the rest.

I recently bought a a digital photo book from a fellow on instagram. I was impressed by how it looked and how easy it was to buy. So I wondered if I could turn my recent SAAL book into one that I could distribute to others.

It turns out it was very easy indeed. Using the website Mag Cloud, I recreated the book with their downloadable templates. The only issue I had was the finished file was too big. They have a file limit of 300mb and mine was 356mb…oh so close, but not quite the biscuit. So I then used my one free compression on a pdf compressing site, there are lots of them. Once done, I uploaded it and hey presto I have a book. It was even easier than the first time.

So now you can own a print or digital version of the book…or even both as the digital version is free if you buy the print one.

Now, I haven’t seen the print version, only the digital and that looks fine. I cannot imagine the print version will look as good as the SAAL one as it costs over 4 times the price. But I am going to get one, just because it is my book and I want to see it.

In the mean time you can check out my book and more at this link.


Or look on my stuff page.

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