Back to the Mamiya C2

I haven’t completed any reviews for a while, busy life and such. So this is a photo post.

I decided to try out my Mamiyaflex C2 again. It has been stuck in a cupboard for a while, which is a real shame. It started when I took it to Blackpool and the exhibition I am feature in. I had taken a few cameras to show and , it garnered a fair bit of attention. Someone even offered to buy it, but as is the usual case, that made me love it more and decide not to part with it and make better use of it. So the weather being of the typical crap kind and time short I decided to pick a subject that was handy and compliant. Hello Daddy. Stay still, watch TV, don’t look directly at me…I am Medusa ๐Ÿ™‚

Once developed, the film had the usual few white hairs which I removed post processing. BUT they had lots and lots of tiny black fibers, what is the deal with that?

White hairs is a blocking of light, an actual hair. A black thing is light getting through, it is within the film base?? yes??

Hmm the only thing i did differently with this film processing was during the agitation stage. I used the little stick instead of inverting the tank. So is that it? All help and thoughts appreciated.

All that being said, I still love the photo of my dad. He can be quite patient at times.

6 thoughts on “Back to the Mamiya C2

  1. conspicari says:

    That’s weird, the black marks look like some kind of debris, almost like slivers of emulsion. What film were you using ? Lovely contrasty images from the Mamiya.


  2. arhphotographic says:

    Hi regarding the black debris. I know of someone who discovered something similar to what you describe and found it to be the lining of the changing bag he was using, it had started to perish and was attaching itself to the film. hope this helps


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