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Every now and then I have an urge to sort things out. Sort out stuff that is clogging up space, make room for new stuff, get rid of things I will probably never use again. This is especially true to books. I rarely keep novels, I keep most photography books. I get invested in books and take my time reading them, savouring all the emotions they evoke. But that means I rarely read something twice. There just isn’t time for that. I can think of two books I have read twice, Hot Zone and Bid Time Return. Nothing to brag about.

My father is different. He can read the same book, complete the same jigsaw many times. Weirdo. Anyway, that means we have piles of books all over the house. Yesterday was the day I decided to sort mine out and suggested he did the same with my help.

While rummaging through some Wilber Smith books, I found this…

How did this end up there? It wasn’t something I would have bought at that age, my dad couldn’t remember it, but there it was. I was tempted to put it on eBay, I was clearing clutter after all. Then I remembered who I was and had a word with myself.

It is an interesting little magazine. Some of the advice it gives holds true today.

Plus the advertisements are really interesting, oh the prices of film, £1.20 including postage for a roll.

And of course it is full of reviews, with technical details and original prices.

Looking at all the cameras and reviews has given me a bit of gas so for now I will keep it nicely on my shelf with my other photography books and magazines.

Then at some point I will scan it and make it available for others, but that would destroy the spine and your resolve to avoid gas.

2 thoughts on “Found Magazine – Camera Buyer

    1. Peggy says:

      Luckily I have no money to indulge my gas and with xmas around the corner, I am not even going to look through the magazine fully until I win the lottery 🙂

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