Donated Black and White APS film

This is photo post as I want to show the reader who sent me two rolls of Kodak Advantix 400 black and White APS films a while ago. I was saving my last one for something interesting. Finally I have managed to use it, firstly at Ilkeston’s Heritage Fair. Then I finished the roll at Castle Howard where Country File was being held.

I put the film in my Canon ix7, which I feel is the best APS camera I own. I loved the results from this film.


Castle Howard

As far as APS goes, these two rolls are probably the most successful. I think the grain and the monochrome really adds to the subjects. I really appreciated the chance to try it.

Thank you so much for the gift.

2 thoughts on “Donated Black and White APS film

  1. Toby says:

    Aps to me was just a gimic to sell film and licencing. I don’t see the point as it’s so close to half frame.
    Nice photos, I’ve never seen b&w aps I don’t think.


    1. Peggy says:

      I hadn’t seen it either, so it was nice to receive. I did have an APS camera in the day. It was always reliable and easy to use for nights out. I bought a small ixy for my parents as well. Using the cartridges was so much easier for them.


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