Leica Lens Cleaning

I recently cleaned a couple of lenses, with my confidence boosted I decided to take off the front element of the Leica lens I had previously tried and attempt to clean the haze. In the end, it was just one tiny, tiny screw. It was more awkward than difficult. Once I got it all back together I retried the lens on the Barnack. Unfortunately, I had a little difficulty developing the film. It got stuck on the reel and I had to load it a couple of times. Even so here are a few shots from the cleaned lens.

We despite the issues with development, I think the haze has improved. I think I still prefer the Canon 50mm f1.4 lens though.


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  1. Love how it’s turned out. Should be a great portrait lens, or dreamy shots of long grass flower n trees into the sunset… or dawn if ya up that early.


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