Olympus LT-1

I have read about this camera on many sites, but primarily this one made me decide to get one. Plus I had already tried a mju or two, and loved them. So I set myself a budget and kept bidding on LT-1s until one stuck…this one.

It was so excited to use it that when it arrived I shoved it straight into my bag and then bought batteries along my route. There isn’t much to know about this camera that you can’t garner from the photos above. It was released in 1995, the LT means leather tech…but it is faux. It has a f3.5 lens and dx coding. It is a point and shoot, no zoom.

Mine fired up as soon as the battery went in and I have had not had any issues since. This is my first roll of film.

And as soon I saw those, I shoved in another film and took it out again.

I love this camera. It is easy to use, stylish, efficient, and it exposes itself accurately. That has to be a good thing.

BUT, eventually I found camera I like more, the Pentax PC35 AF so this one was sold for less than I paid for it 😦

8 thoughts on “Olympus LT-1

  1. Nice to know it exposes it’s self accurately, nothing worse than something exposing itself badly 😂😂.
    Lovely shots. Mju 1 in a posh frock!! 😁

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  2. I keep eyeing these sidelong, thinking I should buy one. I remain on this side quest for the perfect (to me) little P&S camera, and this looks like it could compete powerfully for that spot. There’s yet to be a Stylus-series camera I’ve tried that I didn’t like a lot.

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