Olympus 35 RC

I recently exchanged cameras with another camera blogger, this is the one I got in return. I have tried the DC, EC, and ED. This one has the 2.8 lens like the EC and ED, gosh there are a lot of letters here.

This version was released in 1971 and is small and cute. You can see a few more technical details here. This one had a little something on the lens, but nothing too serious. I left it on 1/125th with automatic aperture and took it out for a flower day.

I really don’t remember taking the photo of the pies, though I do remember eating them. I enjoyed using the cameraThe photos have an interesting vignette effect but are a little hazy. I am not sure I would use this one again, but I would recommend all of the 35 versions if you can get a good one.


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  1. Oof, that’s some pretty wicked haze. I saw a little of that with the camera but not nearly as much as you did – I figured I’d just shot into the sun. But it seems like the lens is flawed. Sorry about that!


    • Yeah, I shot into the sun as it is always a good test. No worries. I am still happy with the swap as I do have a couple of others in the same line and it was nice to try it. I sometimes see this line in junks bins so I might be able to try and swap it out.


  2. I think I must have been lucky with mine as when I got it 10 years ago it was still boxed and in mint condition. If you can get a good one then the lens is sweet. My only real complaint with it is that some times it’s a little TOO small.

    That is a lovely collection of shots though – you have a good eye. Those pies look yummy.


    • Thank you. As I wrote I sometimes see this series in junk bins and I know I took out a lens on one. If I find a good one I can swap it with this and try again. I just have to go out and look.


  3. Hmm, I just shot a roll using the 35 RC and it looks pretty good. Expired film kept cold for some years seems to have a slight bluish tinge.


  4. I now have three of these cameras, and they have generally produced sharp results. I think you were just unlucky with this sample.


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