Minolta Vectis 300 APS

I found this smooth APS camera for $1 in a junk bin. I loved its small size and metallic finish….and you never know there might have been a film inside. Nope, it was clean as a whistle.

As you can see it has a nice little zoom of 24-70mm. You can find lots more technical details here. The details say there is a fair bit of cut off from what you see and what you get, about 85% of it. It was released around 2001, so there is still a fair bit on the net about it. Most pages talk about how sleek and stylish it is. I agree. The metallic finish makes it a pleasure to use. There is not much more to say so straight onto my test roll. This is an expired Agfa Star 200 that I got from eBay. I might get some more as this one came out bright and clear.

There is a light leak on one photo, but the rest seem ok. Not sure why it was just that one. The exposure is spot on and the focusing is sharp.

Keep or sell: I want to keep it, but I will probably end up selling it as I have at least 2 other aps cameras I like and that work well including the 3000 version of the same series.

4 thoughts on “Minolta Vectis 300 APS

  1. Mediocre Model Builder says:

    Another great selection of shots.

    Sweet looking camera. I think I must be one of the few people who misses APS, personally I loved the format – it was great for snap-shots. Haven’t shot any for years now.


    1. windswept007 says:

      There is a company bringing back aps as an experimental film. There are also lots of expired film about. You can get the cameras dirt cheap on eBay…Leica aside…give it a go.


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