Zorki 4

When I returned to Japan I tried hard not to buy cameras. I mean how hard can it be, just say no. But then I got a full blown attack of GAS. This camera was first on my list to rebuy. I say rebuy because it was one I bought a couple of years ago but gave it away to a friend. I shot one roll in it to make sure it worked and was impressed. Then to avoid buying a Leica I bought it again. Of course, that didn’t work. So here is my ‘new’ Zorki 4.

I tried the lens on the Leica as they are the same fit. It was clear and bright. There isn’t much to say about this camera, apart from it is solid and reliable. It is not a Leica, but compared to the Barnack I find the images comparable, like the Fed 2. Also, like the Fed 2 and Zorki 1, this camera is waaaaay cheaper. I mean not even a 10%, but you get way better than 10% of the results. Using these three cameras has cured me of ever wanting to buy a Leica again. It was produced between 1956-73 meaning there are quite a few out there. I chose this one for the lens as my Fed has an industar lens, and the Zorki 1 has a collapsible one.

So without further ado, here is my test roll.

There are a couple of shots that have fogging, I think due to how I was carrying the camera. On the whole, I was pleased with the results. Clear and sharp.

I sold this camera to a school’s camera club. It would make a good project due to the mechanical nature, the script, and its date. Can you imagine what this camera might have seen?

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  1. Tobybrownson says:

    Gas can be a terrible affliction. I am in relapse at the moment. Interesting to hear your thoughts on whether a Leica is worth it. I must admit a Leica has crossed my mind, but am also of the opinion a camera is only as good as the glass fitted to it. I have a FED 4, the one with the light meter. It’s too big though. Makes an excellent offensive or defensive weapon though similar in effect to a medieval ball and chain so can be recommended for that. I think I’ll still go for a Japanese Leica clone rather than a Russian one. May cost a bit more but less hit and miss on quality control.

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