Tiara ix-z nexia 2000 MRC

I bought this on the way home from a party and I was slightly, just slightly drunk. It was in a great shop which I do recommend. But I do not recommend doing what I did.

The reason being, in the shop the assistant had trouble turning it on or getting the film door open. But I wanted it. It was so pretty.


When I got it home it turned on, but the damn film door would not open again. I looked online for solutions and saw a few people had posted the same question….but no solutions. I found this site for the previous version that said to remove the sliding cover, but that didn’t seem to be the case for this camera.

In the end, I gave up and smashed it, pulling the sliding door off. It still did not open, but it was so much fun doing it. I finally got the door open by using a screwdriver as a lever.

Would I buy another…only if I see it in a junk bin which seems unlikely as the name “Tiara” is sort after in 35mm terms.Β In APS terms, it still holds weight, but not much.

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