Olympus 35ED

I found this camera in a junk bin and was a little excited as only a camera junky can get. It is from 1974-8. This website has more technical information including a get around for the batteries. Ah the batteries, this camera used the same batteries as the Olympus 35 EC which I had just sold. That meant I had the right ones in my massive box of odd batteries. Once inside the really clean compartment the ED fired up and worked correctly.

I was so happy that I immediately reskinned it, the seals looked ok. This one is a rangefinder, where you bring the two images together. The viewfinder was a little dull and the images didn’t quite align, but everything else seemed ok. It has a nice weight to it and feels like a quality camera, but did it work.

These were supposed to be colour, but they were awful. I didn’t think I had an expired film left, but this sure looked like it was really expired. None of the shots were quite sharp enough either. I did use some Kodak 200ASA, not sure the actual kind now. I have never really liked 200ASA film. When I was processing it before, they always seemed a bit less bright, less sharp. But that is just my opinion. Either way. I feel this camera just doesn’t work well so I will not be selling it. I think I will put it in another kind of bin, no matter how pretty it is. I have an Olympus 35 DC that I prefer as it has a 1.7f lens. I have to try that camera again with some fresh film.

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