Yashica Electro 35 G

And another Yashica Electro 35, this time the G from 1968. I found this languishing in a junk bin and it was barely holding itself together. I thought I might be able to scavenge some parts from it or take it apart for fun. I won’t list all the others I have tried, you can look at the camera post list page for that.

But before I totally gave up on it and ripped it apart, my love of all things Yashica meant I had to test it. So, I super glued the view finder glass at the front back on and cleaned out the gunk from the battery department. I spent ages doing that, as it just would not light up. I was about the give up completely then, low and behold, bright lights, big city. Amazingly, everything seemed to work ok with a functioning battery adapter.

The shutter speed seemed to be spot on and the aperture seems to open and close as it should. If it was light tight, then it might just work. So I changed the seals at the hinge and put in some film.

Here is the test roll.

Well, holy crap…it worked. Now, what do I do with it? I have at least two others versions that work so I don’t need this one. The view finder is very hazy and I literally superglued the glass back on the front. The focusing is a little weird, it seems to have a lag when you turn the lens…but it does work.

Keep or Sell: I already gave one away to my camera stealing friend, I do have another friend obsessed with Spider-Man and this is Peter Parker’s camera of choice. Wow, what a nice situation to be in. I will think on it some more.