Nikon F2

When you are writing about cameras or collecting cameras, certain ones keep popping up. This is one of those cameras. All the camera people I know keep saying it is one of the best. Websites about great cameras also say how good it is. But, as someone who buys junk cameras it was out of my price range. Then I saw two in a second hand shop, one of them had a f1.4 lens. The price for the one with the lens was actually reasonable and I knew if I bought it I could get my money back if I decided not to keep it.

Once I put two regular LR44 batteries inside it the meter moved as it should, everything worked as it should. I will not go into technical details as there is loads of information on the net about it including this and this.

What I can say is this camera is absolutely awesome. It feels good to hold. It is easy to use. I love the extra windows on the prism for the f-stop and metering. I love that the timer has a few different settings. I love the f1.4 lens, it really makes a difference in low light settings. It is simple, practical and exudes quality. It is now my go to camera.

I had a week to test it before the very short guarantee ran out, but I had faith and took a few shots around my home before flying with it to Taiwan. I tried a JCH400 film and two colour films. I developed the JCH at home and picked up the colour a week later. By the look of the negatives I knew I was on a winner with the camera and was not disappointed by the colour shots.

Here are a few pictures from my first 3 rolls.

Keep or sell: Mine for sure!

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