Konica Genba Kantoku DD

This camera caused me a few issues, but in a good way. I found it in a junk bin then took it on holiday to Taiwan along with another waterproof camera. After that one died a watery death, I decided not to risk this one. So I didn’t even dip it in a puddle. I was also using a Nikon F2, which I will write about later. Then I got the film developed and astonishment ensued. Anyway, here is the camera.

As I have tried a few of these “Genba Kantoku” or site manager cameras (1,2,3, 4), I had high hopes. There are some technical details on this camera from 1989 here. As you can see there is a button on the back which switches the camera from a 40mm to 60mm lens. The on button also switches the mode between flash off, flash on, timer. At first, I was confused by this and wondered why the camera was not turning off when I pressed the button. I think this has confused people in the past as the button on this version is cracked and well worn. That was another reason I did not take it in the water.  The shutter button also activates the auto focus. If it is depressed halfway, the camera will lock onto the subject and you can then pan away. When it is locked a green AF will show in the finder. If it cannot lock onto a subject the AF will flash. There is also a red flash symbol to let you know when the flash is needed.

Simple as, but did it work….and there lies the problem. I know I used the camera, I know I used the F2. I took the films to be processed together thinking I could easily tell them apart. I actually couldn’t. I had to really look at the photos and the subject matter. I finally decided this film was from this camera.

Wow, the sharpness, the exposure, just everything. This camera just worked so well. The only reason I could tell which camera this film was from was that I remembered pressing the focal length button at the lighthouse and sail rock.

Keep or sell: I really want to keep it, but I already have 2 like this and lots of other cameras. I think this camera is worth more than I will get for it, I will have to ponder it a while.

7 thoughts on “Konica Genba Kantoku DD

  1. Tony says:

    Hey! just wondering if you still keep the camera with you? I shot 2 rolls with it already one in B&W and one with ektar100 mostly with flash on the street at night (but I haven’t got it back yet, have to wait the lab for a week). How does the flash perform? Does it autofocus quickly? and what do you think is a better weatherproof camera than this? Would love to find one to stick with for a log time as I love going out at night time and don’t have to care if it’s raining or not. (Btw sorry for my bad english)


    1. windswept007 says:

      This camera? Actually I gave it to my camera stealing friend as she thought she had broken another one of mine. This one is much sturdier for her…and her children. Amazingly, I found another in a junk bin yesterday. So I just got it back…though untested. But it seems to work fine. I thought this one was awesome, hence I rebought it. Autofocus was quick and the flash was well exposed.


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