Konica Lens 35 WB

I knew I had already tried a VERY similar camera to this. Basically, the only difference with this camera and the 28WB is that, the focal length. Everything else seems the same. Again, you can find lots of technical information on this site. There is also information on this site. AND I want to mention this site as it is awesome. His is a much better review than I could ever write.

Anyway, here is the camera.

I drove a little further north of Ibaraki to a place called Hananuki Valley,Takahagi. It was a very rainy day, very rainy! I suppose that made it perfect for this camera. Unfortunately, that made it difficult to actually have a clear lens. The person I went with used an umbrella, smart. But I had a rugged, sturdy, super camera. A camera made for those conditions. Damn it, I will not shelter….hence the rain drops on the lens.

So of course, the camera worked. look at those colours.

Keep or sell – I will sell as I have the yellow one I like. Unless I see a coloured one of these rather than black, I doubt I will keep it.

 Update: I found an orange one with original strap and film holders 🙂

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