Canon EOS IXe

I bought this camera, despite it being APS, because I had been looking at Nikon Pronea for no reason in particular. It had no lens attached so I picked up a sigma with a canon mount. This is not the one you see in the photos below. The camera was originally produced in 1996. You can read all the technical details you like on these three sites. One, Two, Three.

The first lens I tried was this one.

Very quickly I found the auto-focus just didn’t work, but by focusing manually I could still test the camera. These are the shots with that lens.

But, then I remembered where I live and gave up on the lens, drove to a second-hand store and bought another lens. This time a canon EF lens. This is the one you can see in the main photos above. The photos below are from that lens.

Funnily enough, I prefer the photos from the first lens, especially the Bokeh. With either lens, the camera worked perfectly and I really like it. The look of the camera really appeals to me. The selector dial is the familiar canon one and it feels really comfortable to hold. BUT being an APS I will not be keeping it and have already posted the body on eBay. I will keep the second lens to use with other canon bodies.

I will use it to finish off all the APS film I have here, until and if it sells then I will switch back to using the compact one I have somewhere in my house.

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