Fujica GE

When was this camera produced? What can you tell me about it?

Nothing! I can find nothing on the net, only a few eBay listings. There is a little more for the Fujica geR, but not the plain GE. Why is that? Is this a rare camera? The only listing I did find was a tiny reference to it saying it was produced in 1973.

I can tell you it takes the banned mercury battery PX640. I tried this camera with LR44 and some tinfoil to complete the connection. And to make matters worse, I have already sold the camera and cannot look at it to describe how it works. I do remember it was has a zoned focus system.

The fact I sold it so quickly meant that I didn’t see anything special about it to make me question keeping it.

Here is my one and only test roll.

It actually worked really well. I used it during a rare November snowfall, first one in 50 years to hit this part of Japan.

I would recommend this camera if you find a good one, but I have so many that I didn’t feel this added anything to my collection.

Keep or sell: already sold