Canon Demi

I had a lot of trouble with this camera. First trying to find out which canon demi it is, then getting the thing to work.

I think this is the first version of this camera, introduced in 1963. It is a half frame camera with a selenium meter. The meter on this camera clearly did not work as the meter hardly moved even when I shone a torch on it. I thought I would try half a film in it. The settings seem to work on an EV basis, when you change the aperture the speed also changes. You cannot set them individually. I set the camera to f8 following the sunny 16 rule.

Well, surprise it did work. So I tried anther film.

Well, it was ok, but not great. Even though there are issues with the camera it still doesn’t rock my boat. It just doesn’t feel great to hold or use. Here is some more information about this camera on a great blog.

Keep or sell: Already sold.


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