Olympus OM4

This is my go to camera. The one that I will always choose above the others. There are a number of reasons for this which I will get into later, but first, here are the pictures.

I got this camera, much like the Bronica, to satisfy a yearning from my youth. As I have added a 50mm 1.4f lens it has become the most expensive camera I own. Thank goodness it worked. I owned a OM10 in my 20s and always wanted the more high end version. There is a later version of this camera, the OM4Ti, but I didn’t feel the differences were worth the extra cost for me. The OM4 is sometimes prone to battery drain, which the OM4Ti is not. I bought a fully refurbished example to hopefully help with this issue. Even so, mine does sometimes drain quickly, but I have found if I don’t leave it on the auto setting it is less of an issue. I also tend to take the batteries out of any camera that does not have a film inside. I have bought too many junk cameras with old, leaky batteries inside.

As I mentioned before there are a number of reasons I like this camera.

  1. I am absolutely sure it works, so no need to try it out, no testing. With the 1.4f lens it works even in very low light situations. I bought it from a great dealer who CLA’d it. That meant it worked out of the box.
  2. It is fairly compact and light compared to some other SLRs, but still gives excellent results.
  3. It has a multi-point spot meter button. You can select various points in the scene and press this button and it works out the best settings for you. In fact according this site it was the first camera to have this feature. You can choose up to 8 spots.
  4. It has a backlight and highlight button too (though I tend to use the spot meter system)
  5. The OM lenses are much cheaper than Nikon and Canon, but are still excellent.
  6. It uses readily available LR44 batteries.
  7. It has the little square on the back to help me remember what film is inside, a simple feature, but I love it.
  8. It’s an Olympus, durh!

That’s not bad for a camera from 1983. So anyway here are a variety of shots from a few different films and locations.

No keep or sell, this camera is mine forever.