Bronica ETR-C

Another second-hand camera, not a junk buy. Though there is a story to it…

Once upon a time, there was a would-be photographer who wanted a great medium-format camera on a limited budget. This was well before digital cameras were available, so looking high and low she settled on a Bronica etrs, not even an etrsi. After a few years she decided to return to college to retrain as a teacher and needed a computer, but where to find the money…sell the camera of course. And so she did but regretted it ever since. Now 25 years later she is a bit more affluent and wants to right a wrong, return to her youth, and buy back my damn camera!

Ok so it is not the etrs or the estrsi and certainly not the SQ, it is not even my first attempt at buying this camera. The first one I purchased I really thought about it. They are big, heavy, and the films are more of a pain to process. Plus you only get 15 shots per roll. But buy it I did, I took it home…it didn’t work. I looked it over in the shop, but I didn’t test it with a battery and that was where the issue lay. Luckily there was a one-month guarantee and I got my money back. I then decided it was a stupid purchase and wouldn’t do it again…until I saw another. This shop had two and I went for the cheapest, but this time I took it apart in the shop and I found some fungus on the lens before I got to the battery stage. I then looked at the slightly more expensive one, with no fungus. I tried it with a battery. Everything seemed ok, so I bought it and took it home much happier than the last time. I am now the delightful owner of a 1977 Bronica etr-c.

The first chance I got I took it to a local shrine and tried it out. Then I processed the film, hung it to dry and got ready to scan it….it didn’t fit in my scanner..aaarrrgghhhhh!!

A quick, as expensive as the camera, amazon purchased later I was the owner of a CanoScan 9000F MarkII.

I love it!! It was so much easier to use than my previous system and so much better quality. It is a better buy than the camera. The best part is the fact it is so easy to load and clean. So less dust. Anyway here is my first roll, fuji acros 100.

I love my new camera 🙂 I love my new scanner 🙂 I love that the scanner doesn’t put “My Beautiful Picture” on everything.

I hate how heavy the camera is, so not sure when and where I will use it. It is not really a trekking and carrying around type camera for odd shots, I think I will use it when I am going specifically to take photos.

Keep or sell: At the time I bought this example, I would never have given it away. But now I have other medium format cameras and prefer the square format. So..this is for sale. Plus, I think my GAS has gone…ha ha ha!


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  1. yashicachris says:

    Great story, great images and a fantastic camera you’ve got there! Using Neopan Acros too. Guess what? We’ve got the same scanner! I just love my Canon!


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