Photo Post: CatLABS X Film 320 Pro

A while ago I received a package of film from a friend in America. At the time you couldn’t get this in the UK but now it is on sale at a few places. What a great gift though. I have been steadily using it but thought I would make a specific post with some photos to say thank you.

I loaded a loaned Minolta SRT101 with a non-functioning light meter, making use of the Lime 2 I was recently gifted. So a gifted film, camera, and light meter set up…how lucky I am.

I took it all to Leeds on the walk towards Photo North, an exhibition my friend was featured in. So a lovely story all around.

The weather wasn’t great so I used half the film and eventually swapped it to another camera to finish off…again in Leeds, that will be my next post (a Praktica BC3).

Here are the results from this half though, developed in 510-Pyro.

As you can see I wandered into a Brexit demonstration on my way back to the station.

I like the film, it seems to handle all light situations well and it can be pushed or pulled without issues, not too grainy…but grainy enough and just the right amount of contrast for my tastes.

You can see more results from this film here, where I pushed it to 1600asa.


4 thoughts on “Photo Post: CatLABS X Film 320 Pro

  1. Roger B. says:

    A brilliant and versatile film – shoot it anywhere between box speed and ISO 1000, then Rodinal 1:100 semi-stand process for 45 minutes at 20C. I’ve shot a couple rolls changing the ISO midway and gotten good results.
    FYI, “Agent Shadow” nominal ISO400 from Kosmo Foto is very similar in behavior and finished results. They are taking pre-orders for a final production run of that film now.

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