New for 2022 – My Favourite Film Camera Experiences This Year

A few film bloggers have decided to write about which cameras they have really enjoyed experiencing this year so I thought I would join in. We had to choose 3 cameras we have reviewed this year that have really floated our boat. I have chosen 2 new to me cameras and one camera I have experienced before and have revisited this year, is that cheating?

I chose the ‘cheating’ camera because the camera I really wanted to write about is still in my draft folder and not quite finished.

That means the first camera I want to mention is the Zorki 1. I have used this model before but had to part with it. This example was a whole different experience from the first one. It came from Ukraine after the war started and didn’t actually work. I had to exchange the insides with another example to get it to finally produce an image. What a beautiful camera, I need to take it out again soon to keep it working smoothly.

The first new to me camera I chose was the Olympus OM40. I bought this in order to strip it for parts to fix another camera. But, it was just too good to do that. What a super camera, very underrated in terms of the OM line. The metering system was an eye-opener to me, just look at that backlit hippo.

The final choice for me is the Zenit 122, a cracking camera that came with a super lens. I found it in a charity shop which doesn’t happen very often these days. It was in super condition with the original bag and a manual.

I know these are all 35mm cameras and I was very tempted to add the Yashica A, but when I thought about this list these were the 3 that stuck in my mind. They may not be the sexiest or the trendiest cameras in the world, but I really enjoyed using them.

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14 thoughts on “New for 2022 – My Favourite Film Camera Experiences This Year

  1. Darrell Meekcom says:

    I remember a certain OM10 you liked because it was decorated the Zorki a fav’ because its painted? haha 😅
    Seriously tho, really enjoyed ur blog, it’s all part of the film revival that inspires. Talking of film revival Kodak are really beginning to annoy me with their malfunctioning logistics, it’s a good job I stock my fridge up and load a few cameras to go!

    Liked by 1 person

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