Canon Sure Shot Sleek (Prima Mini II/Autoboy F XL)

I had seen this camera in a charity shop, but didn’t buy it. I didn’t really need another Canon point and shoot. But I posted a photo of it on instagram. I was pleased I had actually found some cameras in a charity shop. Then an instagram follower said she had one and would I like it? Well, if it is free…sure 🙂

So here is my Sleek example which arrived a week or so later. A camera with a lot of names.

I put in a CR123 battery and it fired up without issue. I like the dial on the top. It lets you turn off the flash without having to constantly reset it when you turn the camera back on again. It has apertures of f3.5-f22 and a top speed of 1/125th. The focal length is set at 32mm.

My first impressions of this camera from 1996 were mixed. I liked the colour, the sliding door, the f3.5 and 32mm lens. I didn’t like the small viewfinder and the noise of the motor. Much like this reviewer. That being the case, I loaded it with half a roll of HP5 I had used in another camera. I then took it for a couple of trips around the uk. It still took me a while to finish the half roll.

Like the other reviewer, I found this camera ok. Not great, not bad. I prefer the look of the AF-10 and its bigger viewfinder, but this one has a larger aperture choice. A meh camera…but a lovely gift camera, thanks very much.

10 thoughts on “Canon Sure Shot Sleek (Prima Mini II/Autoboy F XL)

  1. Katie Yang says:

    This might be my favorite set of photographs on your blog. The ease with which you made these captures shines through for me and one that definitely says: it’s about the photographer, not the camera.

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    1. Peggy says:

      Thank you so much, what is interesting…I don’t like them much. I think because they are under exposed and my mind can’t get over it. I do like the two photos of the ladies and puppets though.

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      1. Katie Yang says:

        They have retained a lot of details despite being underexposed (even though I think they are adequately exposed myself). We share the same few favorites but I really did enjoy the entire set. It’s okay to be hard to please 😀


    2. Roger B says:

      Agreed. P&S cameras with decent glass – in the hands of a skilled photographer – are if nothing else surreptitious and sneaky. Those are two big plusses in street photography. One can compensate somewhat for exposure variations by shooting ISO400 film and stand-developing in Rodinal 1:100. That mix seems to even out exposure plus bump the contrast.

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  2. Katie Yang says:

    By the way, my usual gauge on how much I enjoy someone else’s photographs is equivalent to how much I wish I took those pictures myself. And I really wish I took these!

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  3. Darrell Meekcom says:

    Impressive results from a P/S and much sharper than one would expect. I get indifferent results from them but one will always pop up to surprise me like the Olympus mju iii 115 but then my Nikon L35AF, which cost an arm and a leg these days, is awful in comparison and I just leave it gathering dust now. However, to reiterate what Katie, above, has said I’d have been over the moon to have shot those pics Peggy 🙂

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