Olympus iS-100

This camera is very similar to another Olympus I have tried. And maybe I should have read that review before putting a film in this camera.

I think I got this one in a job lot and as I was a bit bored so thought I would try it out. Big mistake, I hated it, hated, hated it. I found it cumbersome, pointless and quite honestly…ugly. Though I did enjoy my morning out in Leeds.

I decided to take the camera to Lower Briggate as I don’t think I have ever walked around there before. BUT every time I took the camera out to use, I felt like a complete idiot. Some cameras are cool and feel cool to use. This one just felt nerdy, embarrassing and awkward. I would take a shot and quickly put it away. Once I got the film developed I found a few photos from a recent trip to Edinburgh. Obviously I thought the same on that trip, forgot about it and put it away.

So here is the one and only roll I will be taking with this camera.

To be fair, the photos came out quite well and when I checked online, there are great examples all over this site. You can find more information about this camera on this great website. They came to the same conclusion, a capable camera with a face only a mother can love.

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  1. Think I am guilty where this one is concerned. Seems to take to great photos but from what I recall the person taking the photos has little to no control. Making it essentially a large point and shoot


    • I did wonder if it was you…do you want it back?


    • Actually if you read the link at the end, the great review, you will see it does have a lot of options like aperture control. But it would mean using it lots more to get to know them…I am not willing to do that at the moment.


  2. Hi, reminds me of my Olympus af 300. The 1980’s were very strange times for camera development .
    Digital equivalent ugly ducklings were the subject of my recent post, here is the link https://arhphotographic.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/ugly-camera-shoot/. Hope you don’t mind the link, if you do just take it out.
    Keep the posts coming

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  3. It’s not a camera I would want back ta.

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