Stuff I’ve Recently Read

My bookshelf was heaving with books so much that it finally collapsed and I had to invest in a garage style book shelf. The book that finally broke the camels back was this…

It is massive, heavy and wonderful. I am half way through it, reading every entry. I love the stories behind the photos. It wasn’t as expensive as you might think and it is definitely worth the money. Not only do you get an insight into the situations behind the photos, but also the selection process used by the photographers. As it is Magnum, there are a plethora of events and photographs to stir your mind.

Here is a great video review of the book.

Before this book, I read a much smaller one. Thank goodness as I don’t think my wrists could cope with two massive books. This one was Portraits by Lee Millar.

This has much less content and text, but still enjoyable. I love the life and humour she seemed to get into her shots.

You can find lots of information about her on YouTube, including this documentary.

Of course I have been reading blogs too, you can find links to the ones I usually read on the links page.

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