Vivitar T201 (Kodak KV250)

I don’t remember where I got this camera, probably a job lot. But for some reason I was excited to try it. I think because I regret selling my UWS, maybe this cheaper Vivitar will have some of the same attributes.

This camera has a 28mm fixed focus lens and a very, very similar camera was also licensed to Kodak to release as the KV250. The specs are simple f9, 1/125th, with a minimum focal distance of about 5ft. The lens is not as wide as the UWS, but it does have a flash which was working on my example. The cover of the lens has two settings open, no flash and open with flash. Once the flash is ready a green light appears in the viewfinder. The cover of the lens means you really can through this one in your bag a bit.

The last link said they used a 36exp film and it was fine, I also tried that and it struggled. There were lots of gaps and a bit of overlapping once I developed it. I think a 24exp would have been better in this camera. I did use a 400asa film as suggested in that post, but I had figured that out as this camera really felt like a disposable or toy camera.

Here are a few from the roll I took around West Yorkshire.

For me, the most interesting shot is the one into the sun, what a weird refraction of light. I love how it did that. I really liked this simple camera and as the UWS is now so expensive, this camera is a nice alternative. Not quite as wide or slim, so you have to take away the U for Ultra. So maybe a LWAF, Less Wide And Fatter. And the flash makes it more adaptable…or FANTA Flashy And Narrower Than Alternative.

Anyway I am keeping this one…and might paint it orange. Oh and this is my first official Vivitar review, wow.

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