Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim

For a change I bought a new camera. It was on Amazon for a reasonable price and I had just won some money on a lottery scratch card. Plus I had read this article about a dirty camera, which reminded me of my own dirty camera from the same company. Knowing that I was about to swap/lose my Golden Half I decided to get this one…because it said Tokyo 🙂

Gosh my mind and reasoning goes around and around to persuade myself to buy or not buy cameras.

This camera is based on a Vivitar point and shoot with many different colours and designs being available. It is very basic with one speed and one aperture. It doesn’t even have a flash. Therefore it is best to use 400asa film outside. The surface of the camera does have a weird feel to it and I am sure it will go sticky and gooey eventually. It made me realise my original Superheadz camera was not covered in tobacco residue, in time they all turn sticky.

I took mine to Koishikawa Korakuen Park and Ueno.

There is a weird swirl on some of the photos, I have no idea why. The shutter speed of 1/100th is a little slow, but not slow enough for me to twist the camera in anyway. Could it be light on the lens? The lens staying open longer than expected? I don’t know.

I did use another film in it while there, but as with the FM10 I tried recently the results were wild. I have since dumped those chemicals and will make a new batch…despite the funky results. Here are a few from that funky roll.

I have to say, I absolutely enjoyed using this camera. The wideness of the shot it captures without being fisheye is impressive and interesting. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and cheap enough for you not to care about doing so. And the results are acceptable, possibly good, definitely interesting. But I would not pay an over the top price for a rare design. Hence I decided to swap my Golden Half with someone who really wanted it and also did not want to pay exorbitant prices for a toy camera. Toy cameras, fantastic plastics are fun, but for me film photography is expensive and I want to have a little more control over what is produced. I sometimes feel our love of film is being taken advantage of and it is annoying. Tiny rant over.

Update: Eventually I sold this camera and utterly regretted it 😦
It really was a fun camera and my view on toy cameras changed a little. I still think they are overpriced, but they are fun. As for this one…they are no longer cheap enough to throw in a pocket.

10 thoughts on “Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim

  1. Toby says:

    I really rather like that, the freak photos almost looks like a solarisation filter I once had on a digital compacts. Maybe consider a premeditated strike against future stickiness on the outside…….apply a covering vinyl, stamps maps, leather.


  2. Melissa Selena says:

    I have this exact same camera 🙂 haven’t used it since last summer though! On a sunny day, get the sun in the frame, you’ll get some interesting light flares

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      1. Melissa Selena says:

        Yep but a bit more pronounced. Now I regret deleting my Flickr account because I could’ve linked to a couple of examples….


      2. Melissa Selena says:

        Oops meant to say that no I didn’t get the twirly effect but that the light flares you have in your images are similar to what I have captured, but more pronounced

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      3. Peggy says:

        Hmm, I did avoid directly pointing it into the sun. I have another film in it right now so maybe if it doesn’t rain, I will use it soon.


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