Olympus OM707 (OM-77AF)

Another one of the very few working cameras from the junk box I obtained. There were two lenses also in the box, one worked, the other did not. Luckily, it was the 50mm f1.8 that worked, plus was nice and clean.

Unfortunately the body of the camera had a slight issue, the removable battery pack had a broken catch.

That meant it didn’t stay on properly. Apparently, there is a second battery pack that has a built in flash. Also apparently, you would be hella lucky to find that version or any version that does not have this fault. So in the end, like everyone else I added tape to that part to keep it in place and it worked fine. For other technical details you can check this website.

Using this camera from 1986 was kind of fun even though it was the least successful of the OM range and one I had no intention of buying. I already have an unpopular OM, the OM101, ooh I wonder if the lenses are interchangeable…wait, I will check….kind of. The lens from the OM707 works on the OM101, but the lens on the OM101 does not work on the OM707.

To be fair both of my lenses are not in great shape, I am sure I can see a little something on the lenses, but they still work. Even though the OM707 has auto focusing, there is a power focusing button on the back for manual. Though I do prefer the OM101 version with the focusing wheel.

On this camera when you press the shutter all the information is shown in the viewfinder, the shutter speed and the aperture. Always a bonus.

In the end I wasn’t totally enamoured with this camera, so decided to take it to a place I like very much and take photos as I walked around. That’s a lie, it is an Olympus and I loved it. Once I developed the film I was amazed. “Someone” I know says he can tell when I like a camera. But for these photos, I loved the camera, the place and the day ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello St. Aidans.

For a camera that has bad reviews based on the autofocus system, my results seem great. I didn’t have an issue with the focus point, even though I didn’t use the “power focusing” feature.

I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these unless it is EXTREMELY cheap. If it is cheap or free, then use it until it breaks. Have fun, it is an Olympus after all. Eventually the battery compartment will break, if it hasn’t already. Though the tape trick worked well or you could glue the thing in place, which I think I might do…

…don’t glue it, mine stopped working, acetate to the rescue ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Toby says:

    Someone would say they’re nice photos. Regardless of brand I rather like the first couple of generations of AF cameras. There’s just something about them when they still retained some of the rectangular shaped of manual cameras, in the days before they all turned silver or worse still champagne coloured rounded blobs.

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