Nova dx-5

I know nothing about this camera. All I know is what I garnered from the actual camera. It takes 35mm film and has a 45mm lens.

Ok so what else can I say…hmm…Fixed focus, flash with pc sync, and aperture choices of f8, f11, or f16. The shutter is a spring mechanism, much like holgas or brownies, very toy like. I would guess the speed is around 1/50th, also very toy like. The labels stating the name and model are stickers so maybe it is a generic model released by different brands?? There isn’t even a “made in…” stamp on the camera.

A reverse image search only brings up my own image on another post and a couple of eBay listings. So no help there. That’s it I am done.

I put a roll of Kodacolor 200 film in a took a few shots before transferring the film to another camera. I just didn’t want to use a whole film in this camera, it just seemed so, well, naff. Here are the results.

The final shots did not contain everything I initially composed. This can especially be seen in shot of the gravestone. There is no way I would have missed the top, I didn’t even sneeze at the time. This example’s results are also a little hazy.

And done, I can’t say much without any research or links. Erm…it has a metal top and bottom, everything else is plastic. The body is covered in a cheap plastic skin which comes off very easily…oooh maybe I can at least pimp this out??

Does anyone out there know anything about this camera?

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