Found Negatives

Recently I gained a box of camera bits (junk) with everything from remote cables to mystery copy stands. There were lots of point and shoots, 110 cameras, and a few SLRs too. And there, at the bottom of the lot were some negatives. FOUND NEGATIVES!!!

Well, I have a scanner so why not 🙂

Here are the 6×9 negatives from the little package. They look 1950s-ish to me.

I absolutely love the one of the man in uniform sleeping.

In another box I found an Ilford box with some photos and negatives.

It is killing me, I should know where the pods are, but I have forgotten. Do you know where they are?

7 thoughts on “Found Negatives

  1. Peggy says:

    Actually the castle might be Middleham, coincidentally where I went yesterday. I think that due to the horses. The town sign said there were 800 people and 500 horses. Plus I got stuck behind LOADS going there.


  2. Toby says:

    Love old ones, I have a couple of glass plate negatives I found in a photography lot. Dating from the 30-40s of a shop front.

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