Kodak Brownie Flash II

Another day, another Brownie 🙂 This one was produced from 1957 and discontinued a couple of years later. Like the Flash B, this is a great looking camera. It has one shutter speed of around 1/50th and one aperture of around f14. There is also a close up lens as you can see in the photos.

Like the B, this one is also easy to clean and uses 620 film. I suggest rerolling 120 film onto a 620 spool to make life easier. It isn’t that hard and will save issues with film transport while using the camera. These are my favourite kinds of Brownies. I like to be able to see through the viewfinder.

The only issue I do have with this version is that the shutter does not have a lock. If I carry the camera in a regular bag anything can press on the shutter and activate it causing extra exposures/leaks etc. You can see an example of this in the example photos below.

I love how this camera and other Brownies like this makes me feel while I am using it. It is just so damn cool. It looks good on a shelf, it feels good to use and they are so damn cheap to buy.

Here are some photos of my garden and local park.

It just works, even after 60 years. Simples.

5 thoughts on “Kodak Brownie Flash II

    1. Peggy says:

      As the developers got older their eyesight started failing, so one of them went, “hey, you know what would be helpful…..”


  1. John says:

    I gave the two Brownies to two of my friends. We’re all really looking forward to a day our shooting them. I’ll be sure to show you the results. Thanks again!


    1. Peggy says:

      I keep looking at it, thinking I have lighter, cooler cameras…maybe I should sell it. But I love using it. The slap of the mirror and shutter is unlike any other camera.
      Dig it out!


    2. Peggy says:

      No problem. They day after, I sold all the others as a job lot. I have a couple left, but all the others are gone to a new home.


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