Return to the Diana F+

Hello fellow covidians, today I decided to try a few pinhole photos. World Pinhole Day is at the end of this month, so why not spend some of this time to return to that format. Just before the “events” I sold my Ondu pinhole camera in order to get a new lens for my digital camera. I haven’t missed it at all, but now I didn’t own a pinhole camera…or did I??

Oh Yeah, the Diana F+ has a pinhole setting. Also, I could use some of the regular lenses to finish the film. I decided to use an old TMax film, that has been lying around for a while.

The pinhole of the Diana has a diameter of about f150. My phone light meter said that would be about a 5 minute exposure inside and about 30 seconds outside as it was cloudy. Roughly. Throughout the process the main issue I had was getting the shutter stopper thingy in the right place.

I wandered around my house and garden, as the government has requested and took a few photos.

Developed the film…

The film looks pink as it needed longer in the fix, or so a knowledgeable friend told me.

These are the results from my Diana Day.

As always I am a bit disappointed with the pinhole results. I expected the shots to be much wider and sharper. I think this camera might be on my “to sell” list when all this is over. For the remaining shots I tried a few different settings.

The fisheye.

The 55mm with the flash.

Poor dad, he hasn’t been away from the home for 15 days now.

The 55mm without the flash.

Bear hunt bears for the local kids.

Yeah, I think I might sell this setup. The film didn’t really help matters. The combination really isn’t my favourite. Hey, covid quiz…can you find the film numbers and kodak impressions from the paper on the photos?

Anyway, I much prefer Holga cameras to Lomography. I might sell this and use the money for a 120 Holga.


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  1. fishyfisharcade says:

    I had some Tri-X that showed the frames numbers and other backing-paper markings on the negatives. It was from a batch that Kodak had recalled (and I think re-funded buyers for), but I’d bought it as expired and second-hand so didn’t think they’d honour the refund in my case. ๐Ÿ™‚

    After spending some time and effort Photoshopping the marks from some photos taken with my Zeiss Mess-Ikonta, I decided that I’d just shoot the rest of the rolls with my Holga and accept the marks as being in keeping with the Holga “look”.

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