Return to Pinhole Photography

Yesterday was World Pinhole Day 2019. So I decided to dust off my Ondu camera and give it another try.

As it has been a while since I tried it, plus have only even done pinhole a couple of times before. I forgot how to calculate the exposure. So I lost the first 4 shots as they were too underexposed. Then I remembered the handy guide in the box and adjusted the timings. There are the results from that point.

Now that I have worked out the timings I might try a few experimental shots. Actually the Building shot on the top row has a person running passed the camera, but the exposure was so long she has disappeared. I think I will try this again…but with a slightly more visible person.

Pinhole is not like anything I have tried before. Initially I am always disappointed by the lack of focus. Then I look at the shots in a different way, they make me do that. I look beyond the actual image and think about the process. Pinhole is not for a rich person, a person in a hurry. It is something to savour, to enjoy for just what it is. For me it is a time to be alone, even when I am not.

3 thoughts on “Return to Pinhole Photography

  1. Toby says:

    Love the photos tho I have to admit it’s not my thing.
    A couple of things spring to mind.
    A trying with 35mm…is it multi format enough or would adapters be required.
    Thoughts of colour 35mmx90mm pinhole panos does appeal to me. Yorkshire would be a good place for a sunrise or sun set over hills.
    Probably mean using a previously exposed roll to work out wind on.

    Regarding sharpness. Do they sell other size pinholes…a f5.6 for instance. (Yours is f3.5 I think you said.
    Have you got a piece of ground glass to hand, just to check that film plane is at optimal focal distance. Moving film plane forward wouldn’t be too much problem, moving it back would require a sander I guess.
    Anybody get the impression I like tinkering! 😁


    1. Peggy says:

      I am not sure of the pinhole size, I don’t think their is a choice. As for film I have an adapter already so could try 35mm film, just have to block the red holes. I was thinking it was the wrong focal plane and could be sharper, until I saw others. I think it is supposed to be soft like this, though I would like it a bit sharper. I am not prepared to screw with it though. And you should make one 🙂


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